Laur’s Fried Rice

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Laur’s Fried Rice

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Sun Jan 24, 2021 8:04 am

Cold (refrigerated for at least one day) cooked rice ( any rice but I use either White Rice or Basmati)
Soya Sauce
Green Onions
Peas (Frozen or canned)
Eggs - beaten

Preheat a wok until quite hot. Do not add oil as it makes the rice mushy
Add cooked rice straight from fridge (so it is still cold)
Once the rice has heated (about 3 min), add small amount of soya sauce to taste. Mix thoroughly for 2 min
Create a well in the center and add green onions and peas into the well. Cook for 2 min stirring the vegetables regularly. Work into the rice and be sure the vegetables are cooked/heated
Create another well and add beaten eggs. After approx 30 seconds stir into the rice. Serve warm

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