The reach of Instagram reels plummets in just one year

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The reach of Instagram reels plummets in just one year

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Metricool has presented its Instagram Study 2023 , a report carried out with the aim of better understanding the annual evolution of the social network, thus being able to understand how it is used and which are the most popular formats that achieve the best results. Information is power and, in a panorama like that of networks, it is convenient to have all the information possible to learn and adapt to trends, as well as take advantage of the formats that most attract users.

By monitoring 316,394 professional Instagram accounts, 2,518,408 posts, 9,419,426 stories and 1,068,716 reels, this study provides conclusive results on the use of this platform during the current year. We go with them!

Reels continue to be the jewel in the crown of Instagram
Although the reach of the reels has been reduced by up to 76.88% (according to the number of followers of the account) compared to the previous year, it is still the format with the greatest reach and interactions within the platform, having twice the Email Data reach of posts . This downward trend may be a consequence of the fact that more professional brands, as we will see later, have opted to create more reels and as there are more reels, their reach is affected. The drop in reach is more considerable among accounts with less than 500 followers (-75.99%) and softer among accounts with more than 50,000 followers (-49.95%).

For its part, the reach of traditional posts and stories have also been affected, showing a decrease of 16.40% and 11.80% respectively.

Image showing average reach by content type

Reels get more likes and saves but fewer comments than traditional posts
In addition to reach, another valuable data is related to interactions. We must not only reach people, but also get them to interact with our content. As the study shows, reels once again win over traditional posts in both likes and saves, with a marked advantage in both cases. However, the posts achieve their particular victory in terms of the average number of comments obtained (10.11 versus 8.02).

Image showing average interactions by content type
In fact, without taking into account the Reels, the format that occupies the 2nd position are the carousels , which surpass the posts with images in both reach and interactions , with a growth of 13.58% in the medium reach and 15.82% in the interactions.

Account publication frequency and type of content
The Metricool study points out that professional Instagram accounts, regardless of their size, have published more reels in the last year, from +35% in accounts with fewer followers, to +93.50% in accounts with more followers. number of followers. However, the content that is published most frequently are stories , followed by posts in the feed (image or carousel) and reels. In fact, it stands out that in accounts with more than 50,000 followers, an average of 130 stories are published per month and only 19 reels.


Image showing monthly publication frequency
Of every 10 traditional posts, 5.3 are image posts , while the remainder are carousels (2.4). If we compare these data with those of the previous study, we see that, although they continue to predominate, image posts have decreased, while, on the contrary, the publication of carousels has increased .

And the number of publications in the feed has decreased compared to the last edition, while the publication of reels has increased in all accounts of all sizes.

Image showing average post format
Eight in the afternoon, the best time to post on Instagram
One of the most coveted formulas for content creators, brands and, let's be honest, users in general, is the best times to make a publication: valuable information that allows you to have an advantage over the competition.

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