COVID-19 in Canada

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COVID-19 in Canada

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The epidemic curve (epi curve) in Figure 1 shows when cases became ill over time. The date of symptom onset of the first case of COVID-19 reported in Canada became ill on January 15, 2020. Additional cases occurred gradually from January to late February. These early cases were among travelers returning to Canada from countries where outbreaks of COVID-19 were already occurring and their close contacts. The number of cases increased sharply in March as the virus began to spread from one person to another in Canadian communities.

The grey zone in Figure 1 shows an incomplete picture. There is a one to two week delay between when people get sick and when their information is reported to the Public Health Agency of Canada. It takes time for people who become ill to seek healthcare, get tested, receive their laboratory result and for public health authorities to gather information about their illness. More cases will be added as information becomes available.

The number of illnesses in Canada is continuing to increase and has not yet peaked.

Figure 1 - COVID-19 cases (5,049Footnote1) in Canada by date of illness onset as of April 2, 2020, 11 am EDT.

Image ... cases.html

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